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Get the Best eSIM Card in Thailand

Choose Bikago Mobile’s eSIM provider for instant access to reliable internet in this travel destination. As soon as you land, you’ll be up and running on your current device.

Reliable Local Support

Bikago Mobile has been serving customers since 2014, prioritizing excellent customer service. Whether you need help setting up your eSIM profile or have a question during your trip, you can easily reach us through WhatsApp or email.

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Order your Bikago Mobile eSIM online and activate it immediately when you arrive in Thailand. This way, you can skip the hassle of waiting in long lines for physical cards at the airport.

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Bikago Mobile offers affordable local data rates, helping you avoid costly roaming charges. Enjoy transparent pricing and make the most of your budget during your travels.

Share Your Connection with a Hotspot

Turn your mobile phone into a WiFi network with Bikago Mobile’s eSIM and share your fast mobile data connection with friends and other mobile devices as you explore this travel destination.

Keep Your WhatsApp Number

With Bikago Mobile’s eSIM plans, you can use your current WhatsApp number to connect with friends and family while traveling around Thailand.

No Lengthy Registration Required

Bikago Mobile makes the process easy. There are no long KYC forms or IMEI registration—just provide your name, pay online, and get connected within minutes.

Whether you’re exploring the bustling streets of Bangkok, relaxing on the beaches of Phuket, or adventuring in the jungles of Chiang Mai, Bikago has you covered across the country with instant access to the internet.

What eSIM Card to Buy in Thailand?

For an exceptional experience in Thailand, choose Bikago Mobile’s eSIM card. It provides comprehensive coverage and easy activation, making it the perfect choice for travelers.

Thailand eSIM Card for Tourists

Bikago Mobile’s eSIM cards are a traveler’s dream in Thailand. They offer unmatched convenience and reliable internet access. Share your adventures online and effortlessly access essential information.

Buy eSIM Card Thailand

Purchase your Bikago Mobile eSIM card online or visit one of our outlets in Thailand for quick activation and instant connectivity upon arrival.

Thailand Airport eSIM Card

Order your Bikago Mobile eSIM card online before you arrive in Thailand, and activate it as soon as you land. You can also use the free airport WiFi network to purchase and activate your eSIM profile.

Best eSIM Card for Thailand

Bikago Mobile’s eSIM card is the top choice for travelers in Thailand. With extensive coverage, savings on roaming charges, and easy activation, you can enjoy a seamless experience.

eSIM Card Thailand Price

Choose from various data packages starting at just $4.99 for 1GB of data. Select the eSIM plan that fits your needs and budget. Our pricing is transparent, so you know what you’re paying for.